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Choosing the Right Miniature

After discovering the wonderful qualities American Miniature Horses possess and realizing how easy and inexpensive it is to care for them, it may be time to find one of your very own.
     The first thing to consider is what you plan to do with your Miniature Horse. While everyone loves to watch a flashy, spirited Miniature it may not be the right horse for you if your interest is in pleasure driving or you are a beginner at showmanship. Take the time to look for that special American Miniature Horse that is just right for everything you want to do. An important consideration is your level of experience and ability with horses. Be realistic. If you have limited background or limited physical abilities, your best bet is a mature, well-trained Miniature Horse that will help you to gain confidence and ability.
     Once you have the criteria for your choice of an American Miniature Horse, you're ready to begin the selection process. There are a number of ways to locate Miniature Horse breeders with horses for sale. The Miniature Horse World, the official magazine of the American Miniature Horse Association, and The Journal, the offical magazine of the American Miniature Horse Registry, are each filled with colorful advertisements featuring horses for sale. The Associations have informative websites, http://www.amha.com and http://www.shetlandminiature.com , which contain a wealth of information and photos as well as a list of sponsor farms, clubs, and businesses. When requested, AMHA & AMHR will also provide you with a directory of breeders and local clubs. 
     It is a good idea to make an appointment to visit the farm or breeder when you have located a Miniature Horse you want to see. This makes it easier for the owner or trainer to devote his or her full time and attention to your visit. Feel free to ask questions. Ask about the horse's height, health history, level of training, previous use, and why the owner is selling the horse.
     Before you purchase an American Miniature Horse, you will want to observe several things. Read the 'Breed Standard of Perfection'. Look for a horse that is balanced and correct. If you are unsure what those terms mean, seek help from a person with equine knowledge. 
     Check carefully for signs of general good health and vitality: a shiny coat, bright eyes, and alert attitude are some of the things you will want to see. How does the horse act toward people? Is he friendly? Be sure to measure the horse, keeping in mind that the American Miniature Horse Association will not allow an immature horse (two years and younger) to show if it does not meet the following height guidelines: weanlings cannot exceed 30 inches; yearlings cannot exceed 32 inches; two-year-olds cannot exceed 33 inches. It's also a good idea to have a veterinarian conduct a pre-purchase examination to determine the horse's overall good health and soundness.
     An American Miniature Horse (with both parents AMHA or AMHR registered and meeting all other requirements) is eligible for registration on a temporary basis with AMHA or AMHR immediately after birth until the age of five years. Miniatures are not eligible to receive permanent papers until they are five years of age and do not exceed 34 inches in height when measured in accordance with Association guidelines.
     Finally, make sure all paperwork is in order. You should receive a signed Transfer Form and/ or Bill of Sale provided by AMHA or AMHR and the original Registration Certificate. Check to make sure you are purchasing the animal from the last recorded owner on the Registration Certificate.
     You now own an American Miniature Horse - a friend to enjoy for years to come!

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